Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon

Inuttitut Name:


Scientific name:

Salmo Salar

Average weight:

3.6 kilograms to 5.4 kilograms

Average lifespan:

5 to 8 years

Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic salmon populations in the western and eastern Atlantic Ocean have experienced decline for many years. Salmon return to the river of birth for spawning and the number of returns is a major concern. Abundance in rivers of origin vary from healthy stocks to being completed depleted. Canada has closed all commercial fishing and is part of an international organization working to conserve Atlantic salmon. Canada co-manages a domestic salmon harvest in Labrador with indigenous organizations. Canada also monitors salmon returns in four Labrador rivers as an indicator of the health of the species. Overall, returns of salmon to Canadian rivers appear to be in decline, although rivers in Labrador appear to be comparatively healthy.

Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic salmon are common to many rivers in Labrador and are important culturally to indigenous groups.

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