Scientific Name:

Alces Alces

Average Weight:

200 kilograms to 700 kilograms

Average Lifespan:

15 to 25 years


Moose are relative newcomers to Nunatsiavut, but their importance has grown since the initiation of the hunting ban on the George River caribou herd. Moose are surveyed annually, with one or more moose management areas (MMAs) flown each year to estimate abundance. Thus far, all moose management areas have been surveyed. MMA92 (Nain) in 2019 and MMA91-South (Kaipokok) in 2021, and MMA91-North (Hopedale), MMA89 (Rigolet), and MMA88 (Backway) in 2022. Overall, moose exist in extremely low densities in Nunatsiavut with current estimates ranging from 0.2 to 4.4 moose per 1,000 square kilometers.


Moose exist in very low densities throughout Nunatsiavut.

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