Torngat Caribou

Torngat Caribou

Inuttitut Name:

Tongait Tuttuk

Scientific Name:

Rangifer Tarandus

Average Weight:

120 kilograms to 200 kilograms

Average Lifespan:

10 to 15 years

Torngat Caribou

A small, mountain caribou herd occupies much of the land in the northernmost part of Labrador and Quebec. This herd, the Torngat Mountains caribou, are monitored by the Torngat Secretariat, along with partners, using aerial surveys and classifications approximately every three years to estimate abundance. The last population estimate took place in 2017, however, an updated survey took place in March and April 2021, and a new estimate will be released in the coming year. There are also two other types of caribou that play an essential role in the lives of Nunatsiavummiut- the sedentary Mealy Mountain herd and migratory George River herd.

Torngat Caribou

Estimate: 1,326 (90% CI 912-1,986))
Year: 2017

Torngat Mountains caribou herd is a small, but distinct type of caribou, which was first surveyed in 2014.

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